Extra Services & Rentals 

Want that wedding extra special? Have you envisioned something special for your party? Do you want to throw one of the biggest and most memorable events that your guests will be talking about years later? Not only do we DJ, but we can supply virtually anything else for your party! Take a look at what we can add to your event to make it that much better. Furthermore, we offer multi-package discounts when you use our DJ services along with any of these other services. If it's not listed here, let us know, as we have many more resources through our network!

Up-Lighting/ Accent Lighting:

    Do you want to add that extra  touch to your special event? Are the room lights so bright you feel like your party is in the cafeteria? Our up-lights and accent lights soften the room and with our color selection, it can bring the room to match the color scheme of your event.

 Projectors & Screens:

    We have many projectors, screens and monitors for any need. Great for slide shows, karaoke, music video & video mixing, movie nights and more! Visual aids always enhance the party and provide that extra excitement for your guests!

Portable Dance Floor: 

    We do have a portable dance floor for those locations that do not have a suitable area to dance. Make that concrete, carpet, deck, or other surface more presentable and easier to dance on with our portable dance floor!


    Are your kids having a party? Top it off with our inflatables! We have a jumper, water slide and projector screen to make their party that much BIGGER!

Go-Go Cages & Poles: 

   Great for special events, clubs and more, we have a pair of Go-Go cages and a pair of go-go poles, or remove the pole for an elevated platform for your dancers. These really bring an extra excitement where ever they are used and may be offered to your guests or reserved for professional entertainers! Either way, it's a great attraction for party goers!

Stages & Risers

We offer portable staging for performances, speeches, bands and other shows. Stages are approximately 24-30" high with skirts. A 6x6' Drum riser is also available roughly 10-12" high