About the DJs

DJ Raid: Founder and owner, DJ Raid has been a DJ for over 20 years now. He specializes in hip-hop, house, freestyle, and old school. He has played in clubs all over the bay area, has done special events throughout California and even played in Mexico! Currently he DJs primarily for private events, along with clubs, retail stores, weddings, school dances, birthdays and other events. He is a resident at Dave & Busters Milpitas every 2nd and 4th Thursday!!

DJ Rhythm Real: With 15 years of experience and counting, DJ Rhythm Real has made strides unlike no other. He plays hip-hop with a twist… He can scratch, beat juggle and blend unlike no other- taking crowds to their feet and guiding them through a journey. He is a real treat to hear and watch!

DJ FIU: A valued member to the One Way family, DJ FIU is a seasoned DJ with a specialty in old school, funk and hip-hop. He has over 17 years of experience and does many events including clubs! Currently he has a residency at Club Remix, San Jose. Look out for this guy!

DJ Ruben R: Ruben R has been with One Way for some time now. He is the founder of One Way Entertainment, a branch of One Way Music. He specializes in hip-hop, along with bay area rap. Clubs, live performances, large parties and special events are his specialty. He has played with Pit Bull, Criminal Records, and numerous local artists and record labels.

DJ Bishop: DJ Bishop is in a league of his own. He can rock a crowd with hip-hop, reminisce with old school and oldies, get the party muy caliente with Spanish, and he will get you going with everything in between!

 For more DJ demos and mixes, go to http://soundcloud.com/onewaymsuic