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            We believe in the saying, “If you want something done, do it the right way.” The only right way is One Way. We are a full service DJ company that is unmatched in variety, service and quality. If you need us to provide it, we can, and at better prices than anywhere else! Our sound and lighting departments are huge! We have cordless microphones, projectors and screens, karaoke, staging and other items readily available. If you need anything, we can get it… just let us know!


About the DJs

DJ Raid: Founder and owner, DJ Raid has been a DJ for over 14 years now. He specializes in hip-hop, house, freestyle, and old school. He has played in clubs all over the bay area, has done special events throughout California and even played in Mexico! Currently he DJs primarily for private events, along with clubs, retail stores, weddings, school dances, birthdays and other events.

DJ Rhythm Real: With 7 years of experience and counting, DJ Rhythm Real has made strides unlike no other. He plays hip-hop with a twist… He can scratch, beat juggle and blend unlike no other- taking crowds to their feet and guiding them through a journey. He is a real treat to hear and watch!

DJ FIU: A valued member to the One Way family, DJ FIU is a seasoned DJ with a specialty in old school, funk and hip-hop. He has over 10 years of experience and does many events including clubs! Look out for this guy!

DJ Bishop: DJ Bishop is in a league of his own. He can rock a crowd with hip-hop, reminisce with old school and oldies, get the party muy caliente with Spanish, and he will get you going with everything in between!

DJ Ruben R: Ruben R has been with One Way for some time now. He is the founder of One Way Entertainment, a branch of One Way Music. He specializes in hip-hop, along with bay area rap. Clubs, live performances, large parties and special events are his specialty. He has played with Pit Bull, Criminal Records, and numerous local artists and record labels.



            We carry a variety of equipment depending on the needs of any event. Events as large as 5000 people are no problem for our massive sound systems available. In total, we have over 25 speaker cabinets of various brands to suit every need.

Yorkville: Our Yorkville system is our most diverse system; we can split and combine speakers to accommodate small to large events. Using multiples of our speakers is ideal for large to massive venues. We have two pairs of dual 15”speaker two way towers. One set puts out 1000 watts and the second pair puts out 1600 watts of power each. The 18”subs below add 800 watts of power each. We have six of these subs! In some cases where more power is needed, we have an additional two pairs of single 15” two way speakers that put out 400 watts each. Finally, there are three 10” speakers that can be used, but these are normally used as monitors since they only put out 160 watts each. Put all these speakers together and you have well over 10,000 watts of power!

Electro Voice (EV); Our EV system is a little smaller than the Yorkville system, but still packs a punch! On top is the EV T152+, a 15’ speaker rated at 500 watts each. These are very loud and very clean sounding. The bass is covered by the 18” SB180 that puts out earth rattling vibrations at 600 watts each.

JBL:  We have four self powered monitors for DJ use, monitors, or as extended satellite speakers for long halls and similar applications. The JBL Eon has a built in amplifier within the speaker, making them easy to install in any situation.



            We have a wide variety of music for virtually every event. As described above, we specialize mainly in hip-hop because of high demand, but other music is played when desired, requested or appropriate. We also carry old school, funk, oldies, classic rock, rock, disco, freestyle, pop, house, trance, energy, jungle, salsa, meringue, banda, corridos, cumbias, rancheras and other music is available upon request.



            We have over 40 lights at our disposal! Our lighting department state of the art and consists of mainly intelligent lighting. This style of light is found in clubs, raves and concerts. Intelligent lights move together, to the beat of the music, sometimes react to each other and can be controlled with a DMX controller! Not all events require these lights and other light fixtures are also available.

Intelligent lighting:

ScanTron: Our newest intelligent light, these four lights are action packed, featuring over 14 shapes and 11 colors. These lights move to the beat of the music in unison and at the same time strobe, shake, and change colors and shapes! They also double as color changers/ spotlights!

DJ Scan: The DJ Scans are a very impressive light. They link together and spread light to all corners of the room. 8 colors and 8 shapes create endless possibilities when combined with the DMX controller.

DJ Roller: Similar to the DJ Scan, the DJ Roller uses a barrel mirror instead of a flat scanner mirror. The DJ roller produces multiple images and spins them across the room!

Swivel Beam II: The Swivel Beam II is one of our favorite intelligent lights. This light also uses a barrel mirror to sweep colors and shapes across the room. This light strobes, shakes, changes direction, color and shape in the blink of an eye! An energetic fixture to view!

Spin Out: The spin out is in a category of its own. It is four lights in one, creating four different effects. These lights are constantly changing and moving.

Motorhead: The Motorheads are a unique lighting fixture that projects upwards similar to a search light. These lights have similar features to all the lights above, but also can constantly change color or split color on any shape desired. The Motorhead is definitely an instant favorite!

XP-3: The XP-3s are similar to the Motorhead as far as they project upwards. These lights are quicker, turn faster, and have the ability to strobe. A very intense light!

High-Tech Lighting:

Ballistic: The Ballistic is a bright light that creates a sweeping motion across the room. It spins circles back and forth and uses over 5 mirrors to make this effect more astounding!

Warp: This light takes colors and spins them around the room. While it does this, the projected shape changes and warps into another.

Bird of Prey: The Bird or Prey projects 40 beams of light that criss-cross each other and fill any room with moving light. At 600 watts and 40 beams, this is one of our brightest lights!

Vertigo/Mushroom: This light is one of the most popular lights ever! This light puts out 30 beams of light and by itself can fill a room with vibrant colors without being overwhelming. This light is a great effect for small to medium events.

Strobes: The S-100 is a 45 watt bright strobe light. We can link four together and make them chase around the room. A dizzying effect! We also have a mega strobe that has a flash and dimmer control. This strobe can be as bright as 800 watts!

Lasers: We have a variety of laser effects for special events. The Laser Widow is a red laser that displays 16 different patterns and also can be linked together to produce an awesome laser show. The Laser Launcher produces 8 vertical laser beams that chase back and forth to the beat of the music. Combining the Laser Widows and the Laser Launcher makes a really impressive laser show! The Stinger-1 is our green laser that is utterly amazing. This laser is intended for aerial displays and features over 30 patterns that fly over the room!

Acid Beam: The acid beam is used to give a party that retro psychedelic effect. Great to project onto a wall or onto the dance floor, this piece is a great mood setter!

BOB: This light is on fire! Actually it looks like it. This simulated fire effect creates the mood for many themed parties and can be used virtually anywhere.

Beacon: This large 10” yellow beacon rotates two bright beams of light across the room. This light is guaranteed to catch your attention!

Black Lights: We have a few black lights to make the party shine. Actually, it’ll glow! We have 18” black lights and 24” black lights and can be placed anywhere! A classic favorite for all!

Disco Ball: Available in 12” and 18”diameters. One or two pin spots are included and different colored lenses can match the color scheme of any occasion.

Fog Machine: What event would be complete without fog? We have four machines of varying sizes, depending on the need of the event.

Bubble Machine: This is really fun to have! Kids young and old get excited for bubbles! We recommend this feature for outdoor use and certain indoor occasions.

Projectors & TVs: We have a few projectors and TVs of various sizes to up the excitement at any party!!! Music videos, visual effects and more will blow your party guests away!!! These are also used for slide shows and other applications.


Other Information

      We are one of the largest DJ companies in the bay area. We supply many clubs and other DJs with sound and lighting reinforcement outside of us DJing. We also have a large inventory of other equipment, including wired and wireless microphones, various stands and truss systems, mixing boards, staging/risers, go-go cages and lots more! With all of this equipment, we can accommodate bands and live performers as well as supply DJ services, sound and lighting for special events.

      Since there is a limited number of DJs, booking is limited! All One Way DJs are constantly working. We have a minimum of 1-2 events per weekend!!! Please book ahead of time to ensure availability and to guarantee an unforgettable experience provided by one of our top DJs!

      Pricing is based on three aspects: location, duration and the number of guests. We are always open to work with clients to ensure the best prices and the best service. Book your event with us today!


                                                                                                                        Revised 2/9/10